Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side

 New Walks Added : 

29/04/16      Rest Bay, Porthcawl to Kenfig Pool                                                 

30/04/16      Cardiff Bay to Penarth Cliff Top

Hover over the headings, then click the required walk etc. You may need to click the 3 line symbol ( ≡ )  to access the drop down menus.

Drop down headings:

The This is my Travelogue will tell you what the site is about.

It will also INDEX the walks and give you a brief description of them.

The Walks are self explanatory.

The Photo Galleries exhibit the flora and fauna I encountered on each walk. All of which are mentioned in the text of the walks.

This is a summary of the new walks:

Rest Bay, Porthcawl to Kenfig Pool dragon shell 2

A walk along well maintained paths, skirting the coast from Rest Bay to the dunes of Kenfig Warren. Bays and beaches are picturesque with large sandy areas and many rock pools uncovered when the tide is out. The seas around here are dangerous due to the presence of rocks and the ferocity of the tides. But safety is paramount and lifeguard stations are judiciously sited along the coast. Kenkig Warren, as its name suggests is a warren of paths. Tops of the dunes afford a good inspection point at which to get your bearings. Although paths are sign posted, it is still easy to lose your way. You will always be able to see the caravan site in the distance, so always head in that direction. This will take you to the Nature Reserve Building. History abounds all along this walk and the ecosystems allow for a varied and interesting mix of plant life.dragon shell 2

Cardiff Bay to Penarth Cliff Top

Cardiff Bay a vibrant district of cosmopolitan Cardiff. The Coast Path through the bay to the barrage is a lovely flat walk with the chance to catch the waterbus back to the Bay, or even to return along the path. Walking to Penarth waterfront is a little harder going. Steep hills to climb and steep gradients to descend. Penarth waterfront is idyllic. Plenty of eating establishments and numerous benches to sit and watch the day pass by, whether on the pier, the esplanade or in the gardens. Views of sea, people and beautiful flowers. The walk has something for everyone: areas of interesting history, art displays, entertainment and opportunities for relaxing.




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