Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side

New Walks Added : 

10/05/16       Kenfig Pool to Margam                                               

11/05/16         An Evening at Aberthaw Nature Reserve  

12/05/16         Visit to Dinefwr                                        

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The Photo Galleries exhibit the flora and fauna I encountered on each walk. All of which are mentioned in the text of the walks.

Here is a summary of the new walks:

Kenfig Pool to Margamdragon shell 2

The destination for this walk, TATA Steel Plant at Margam, is nearly always in sight. Many ecosystems were traversed while following the winding paths over sand dunes, through marshes and along unused railway tracks. There were many varieties of flora and fauna that I had not encountered before on my walks. The paths encircling Kenfig Pool were not overly frequented, but once attaining the bridleway, which is on the main WCP route, there were lots of people and animals. (This was the track I veered away from, taking the alternative route,on the Porthcawl to Kenfig Pool walk).

An Evening at Aberthaw Nature Reservefoot trails 2

Regeneration of this industrial site into a nature reserve is remarkable.This return visit sheds a different light on a gem of a nature ramble. A balmy late summer evening, the twilight slowly ebbing away into darkness, and the colour of the sky is ever changing. The vegetation is donning its Autumn coat; fruit is ripening and seed-heads are shedding their precious cargo. The ambience of the place is completely different to my last visit. The smell of the damp earth after an earlier shower is all pervasive.foot trails 2

A Visit to Dinefwr

Dinefwr is a country park much loved by Iolo Williams. A great day out for all the family. There are plenty of walks, a castle to clamber over, Newton House and estate to explore, the White Park Cattle to see and a first class tea room to quench your thirst and indulge in delicious food. Dinefwr Park and Castle are steeped in history and Welsh culture. The walk we took was the ‘ Dragonfly Walk’, We walked past historic buildings and around the Deer Park. The route through Bogwood and around the Mill Pond is mostly boardwalk. So much nature to observe; you may not complete this walk in the suggested one hour.


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