Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side

There are a good number of pages of walks now and all are summarised in “This is my Travelogue” section.

I would be delighted if you could leave a comment for any walks you have read. Even if it is only “nice!” or “rubbish!”.

 I am not an expert in wildlife and would appreciate your views on errors I may have made in naming the flora and fauna in the Photo Galleries. 

 If you like what you see, please continue to look in on my blog occasionally as I will carry on adding new walks when I can.

A new year and new walks are beckoning me. Now that the weather seems to be settling I will be stepping out every week and most weekends. So do keep checking in.

New Walks Added : 

19/05/16       Aberavon to Baglan Bay, Briton Ferry

20/05/16         Further Trips to Cwm Colhuw and Nature Reserve

20/05/16         A Stroll Around Cosmeston Lakes

Hover over the headings, then click the required walk etc. You may need to click the 3 line symbol ( ≡ )  to access the drop down menus.

Drop down headings:

The This is my Travelogue will tell you what the site is about.

It will also INDEX the walks and give you a brief description of them.

The Walks are self explanatory.

The Photo Galleries exhibit the flora and fauna I encountered on each walk. All of which are mentioned in the text of the walks.

Here is a summary of the new walks:

dragon shell 2


Indicates Wales Coastal Path 

foot trails 2


Indicates other Trails

Aberavon to Baglan Bay, Briton Ferrydragon shell 2

A lovely walk, not many inclines and with the majority of the route on well defined walkways. Walk from river to river, the River Afan to the River Neath.To sum up this walk I would have to say “Sand, Sand and more Sand”. Sand dunes and good tarmac paths lead to the beach, Aberavon Sands, and promenade, which in turn lead to more sand dunes, sandy paths, and another beach. After crossing the sand dunes, which back on to the beach, the paths become easier to navigate until tarmac paths take you to the end of the route. The industrial heritage of the area is clearly seen and regeneration is well advanced following the demise of much of it. Seashore flora and fauna predominate.

Further Trips to Cwm Colhuw and Nature Reservefoot trails 2

Previously Cwm Colhuw and the Nature Reserve featured in the June account “Return to Cwm Colhuw”and also the May trip “Summerhouse Bay to Cwm Colhuw”. The following walks were undertaken in August, September and January. Each of them brought a different quality to the landscape. In the first two the scenes were of verdant vegetation,  colourful fruits and fly-away seed-heads. Birds and insects were still abroad. The August walk took the meadow route, while the September walk was through the Nature Reserve. Winter produced a very different  panorama:a bland overview which was punctuated with stirrings of spring green life.

A Stroll Around Cosmeston Lakesfoot trails 2

Cosmeston in the Autumn is a riot of colour. It does not matter which trail you take,:everywhere a glorious tapestry of foliage assaults your eyes. There are plenty of areas to sit and take in the beauty of the lakes and its surroundings. Birds in all shapes and sizes are flying, swimming and waddling about. Their antics are sure to amuse you.




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