Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side


There are plenty of walks available but here are the new walks.

New Walk Added : 

29/06/16      Somerset Views

1/07/16         Swansea Marina to The Mumbles

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The Photo Galleries exhibit the flora and fauna I encountered on each walk. All of which are mentioned in the text of the walks.

dragon shell 2


Indicates Wales Coastal Path 

foot trails 2


Indicates other Trails

Here is a summary of the new walk:

Somerset Viewsfoot trails 2

These views are from Rhoose and the coast path in this area. Today the views were very hazy, but on a clear day the Somerset Coastline can easily be seen in the distance. Nevertheless, the walk circumnavigates the wetlands which are located in an old quarry and industrial area. The flora and fauna are varied . Depending on the time of year you could see Dragonflies, Frogs, Newts , Slow Worms, Moorhens and Grey Herons. Unfortunately, my walk was in early Spring and I saw none of the above but I did see plenty of other interesting plants, birds and other fauna. A lovely short ramble in the sunshine.

Somerset Views

Swansea Marina to The Mumblesdragon shell 2

This is an easy walk along flat concrete paths around Swansea Bay. There are magnificent views and an ever changing  ecosystem. The walk is peaceful even though it is never far from the urban sprawl, the City of Swansea and many built up areas. Looking towards the coast you might be lulled into a sense of always being on the beach. If you should want to deviate from the track you can find alternative diversions close by.



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