Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side

New Walk Added : 

16/08/16      Caswell Bay to Three Cliffs Bay

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dragon shell 2


Indicates Wales Coastal Path 

foot trails 2


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Here is a summary of the new walk:

Caswell Bay to Three Cliffs Baydragon shell 2

A lovely day. A family affair. The walk affords stunning coastal views, some of the best in Wales. The inland scenery is equally gorgeous, ranging from wide vistas of heath to cool, serene  woodland. Both offering tantalising glimpses of the coast and the sound of the softly lapping waves, and sometimes roar of the sea below. This walk, however, is not for the faint hearted. Some of the terrain is quite difficult with rough paths and steep inclines. Walking boots and poles are advisable. Tide times should also be noted. So always be prepared. Our walk produced some unexpected outcomes, enjoyable almost to the end. Read on…

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