Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side

New Walk Added : 

24/08/16      Three Cliffs  to Oxwich

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dragon shell 2


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foot trails 2


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Here is a summary of the new walk:

Three Cliffs to Oxwichdragon shell 2

Beach, dunes, marshes and woodland all are traversed on this walk. The scenery is diverse and magnificent, especially the coastal cliff section. Each of the habitats has something different to offer. We had a beautiful sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky. It was very hot walking through the dunes, marshes and on the beach but cool and inviting in the woods. The bog area was a bit of a surprise but we successfully negotiated it and eventually found purchase on dry ground. There is an alternative route; however, I am glad we were able to see and sample yet another completely different habitat.

Oxwich Bay (2)

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