Secret Paths and Walks on the Wild Side

A new year and the coastal path and other walks are beckoning me. So soon I will don my boots and walking gear and head out into the wide outdoors.

There are plenty of walks available. Check them out on “This is My Travelogue” and read the ones you are interested in.

New Walk Added : 

5/3/2017      Loughor Castle to Penclawdd

Here is a summary of the new walk:

Loughor Castle to Penclawdd

dragon shell 2This is a lovely, easy walk on tarmac paths, cycle tracks, woodland trails and some narrow roads. It passes a castle in ruins and skirts along the Loughor River estuary, where mudflats and salt-marshes can be viewed. However, in winter these can look rather bleak  with only a mosaic of bedraggled-looking vegetation and almost devoid of life. Look carefully and you will see a rich variety of wild-life. You are unlikely to see beneath the surface but it must be teeming  because of the abundance of waders and wildfowl that flock to the area in the winter months. My walk was quite wet and murky, washed out colours and mud, with a few glimpses of spring . In summer it would be beautiful with more birds and colourful plants.

 Now here comes the blurb:

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dragon shell 2

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foot trails 2

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